At Evoo sante we know that our clients want the finest home cooked gourmet cuisine for their home, office or event. You want your experience to be memorable, enjoyable and great food will give it the ambiance you need. From cocktail parties to household barbecues, we offer the finest local, organic ingredients.

Savor every moment of your catering event. Contact us and let us start planning today.

Corporate & Home Catering Menu Options

Hot Wraps & Sandwiches

  • Choice of Bread: Multi Grain Tortillas, Sundried Tortillas, Ciabatta Bread, Brioche Rolls & Baguette.
    Our Wraps and Sandwiches selection includes Grilled Vegetables, Poultry, Beef and Cheese Melt.

Cold Buffet

  • Selection of Vegetable Salads, Pasta Salads, Fish & Seafood Salads, Cooked Chilled Meat & Poultry, Cold Sandwich selections, Charcuteries, Tapenades, Marmalades, Quebec & International Cheese selection, Artisan Breads, Desserts & Seasonal Fruits.

Hot Buffet

  • Cold Wraps & Sandwiches
  • Includes a selection of meals grouped by Grains and Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Fish and Seafood.
    Cuisine themed menus with wide range of international and ethnic dishes.


  • Cold Wraps & Sandwiches

Sit Down Meals

  • Our full service catered dining experience where clients choose a number of meals ranging from Cocktail and Canapes, Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Main Course and Desserts.

Lunches Box Combos

  • Junior Basket: 1 Wrap or Sandwich selection, 2 Salad selections, 1 Dessert and Bottled Water.
    Senior Basket: 2 Wraps or Sandwiches Selections, 2 Salad Selections, 1 dessert and Bottled Water.
    Custom Basket: create a combination of any Wraps, Sandwiches, Salads, desserts, and Beverage you want.


  • We have an extensive selection of beautiful, creative, and artistic small bites packed with bold flavors.


  • Our selection includes Fresh Fruit Platters, Fruit Kebobs, Verrines, Cookies, Mousses, and Homemade Cakes.


  • Classic Green Salads, Vegetable Salads, Whole grain Salads, Pasta salads, Seafood Salads.


  • Cold Wraps & Sandwiches
  • Choice of Bread: Multi Grain Tortillas, Sundried Tortillas, Ciabatta bread, brioche Rolls, and Baguette.


  • Seasonal Veggie Soups, Hearty soups, Broths.