Where meals are prepared and cooked fresh daily using the freshest seasonal and local produce

We provide healthy meals for Schools, DayCare Centers & Corporate Events

Evoo Santé Catering is a premier healthy catering service, exclusively focused on providing fresh and healthy gourmet home cooked meals to Schools, Daycare Centers, Corporate Lunches & Events. We also provide personalized meal deliveries in the Greater Montréal & Regions. Our GOAL is to ensure everyone enjoys a well-balanced diet from four main food groups as recommended by the Health Canada Food Guidelines and approved by an independent registered Dietitian.

We have a dedicated team of professional seasoned chefs, administrators, and independent registered dietitians. Every morning our chefs prepare gourmet meals from fresh seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, taking the time to make the food right. Through time tested healthy cooking techniques we’ve mastered the art of perfecting the flavor, while still retaining the nutrients without adding excessive amounts of fats and salt. Our Chefs cook a wide range of local, international and ethnic dishes that will satisfy every palate.

The core of our business is to serve you premium healthy meals at guaranteed lowest prices. We serve a well balanced diet to promote good health and wellbeing. Our organization is continuously committed to creating innovative nutritious gourmet meals.
Evo Santé is an innovative organization committed to helping our clients in consistently consuming healthy balanced tasty meals.
Your GOALS are our GOALS because your SUCCESS is our SUCCESS

Canadian Food Guidelines
We follow the Canadian Food Guidelines to serve meals, snacks, desserts and beverages from all 4 food groups daily.
Food Safety and Hygiene
We practice the Quebec’s Hygiene and Food Safety Guidelines (M.A.P.A.C) to minimize risks in the organization.
Dietary Restrictions and Allergies
We accommodate a lot of food intolerances and allergies. We are nut free. All allergen meals are carefully labelled to avoid unnecessary accidents at delivery time.

Healthy Cooking Techniques

We do not fry any products; instead we use healthier cooking technique such as baking, braising and steaming. Our techniques maintain the nutrients in the food instead of cooking them out.

Healthier Ingredients

Our menu is carefully crafted to provide our customers with the finest products, which include fresh local and seasonal ingredients, superfoods, organic produce, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and poultry.

Affordable Costs

We offer low prices so that you can avoid the hassle of shopping for yourself, and the higher cost of buying seasonal products. For our business customers, they will be able to save money on food cost as well as labor, which makes up the vast majority of their expenses.

Culturally Diverse Menu

We have a large menu with numerous choices to reflect the diversity of Canadian society and to offer our customer an exotic, exciting experience.

No Trans Fats No additives

We do not serve meals that have trans-fat, additives, food coloring, or preservatives.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is environmental sustainable and biodegradable, because our company recognizes just how important the environment is.